Tory Housing Crisis

LHC_leaflet_front.jpgThe Tories are out of touch, and you're out of pocket.

The Tories have caused a housing crisis in London.

  • House building is at the lowest level since 1924

  • London rents are rising at 10% a year

  • Home ownership in London is falling

  • The average age of a first time buyer is now 38

  • The average London rent is now more than half of the average London income

  • More than 55,000 Londoners have been hit by the Bedroom Tax

  • The Tory Mayor of London is missing his own targets for building new affordable homes

Tackling the housing crisis is Labour’s number one priority in London

 Labour councils will tackle London’s housing crisis

  • Build more genuinely affordable homes
  • Tackle rogue landlords and rip-off letting agencies
  • Build more homes for London’s growing population
  • Bring empty homes back into use
  • Create jobs and apprenticeships in the building industry
  • Labour will repeal the Bedroom Tax 

UPDATE: Labour will make renting more affordable and secure

Ed Miliband has launched Labour’s plan to make renting more affordable and secure. We will change the law to ban letting agencies from charging tenants fees of up to £500 and make renting more secure and affordable.

Tenants will be allowed to stay in their homes for up to three years if they choose to and we will cap the amount rents can increase by over this period. Our plans will make life easier for the millions of Londoners who rent – you can read more about it here

Sadiq Khan, Labour’s Shadow London Minister, said:

The housing crisis is the biggest challenge facing London today. Home ownership is out of reach for all but the very wealthiest, rents are rising fast and overcrowding is getting worse. London desperately needs more homes. Labour will tackle the London Housing Crisis in Westminster and in Town Halls in London. We will build more affordable homes, tackle rogue landlords and create jobs in the construction industry. Londoners who want to tackle the London Housing Crisis should vote for a Labour Councils at the local elections in May.

Sign our petition and support our campaign:

"The Tories remain out of touch and are leaving Londoners out of pocket, I support Labour’s action to tackle London’s housing crisis."

Will you join our housing campaign?

The Labour Party and its elected representatives may contact you using the information you supply.


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My story is the story of us all.

First of all, people are not stupid – the current ‘Tory housing crisis’ is a simply a continuation not just of the last Labour Government’s housing crisis but is rooted in our economy’s inefficient and unfair system.

You cannot build a home without land and the root cause of the UK’s housing problem lies in monopoly ownership of land and therefore of the land wealth that we all create.

We have numerous empty homes and other buildings that could be converted for homes together with numerous idle sites which already have planning permission for the homes we need in London, the South East of England and all over the UK. The owners of these sites not only deny us homes and jobs but create an artificial shortage which pushes up the price of land, creates eyesores and forces urban sprawl and greater use of green land for more unnecessary building.

Housing problems in London and all over the UK is nothing new and will not be resolved until politicians and economists understand that land wealth being filched by land owners distorts the economy. As the economy grows so owners of land demand more money for the use of ‘their’ land be it for farming, for manufacturing, for commerce, for housing, for public services or for leisure. Land owners do nothing to generate land value or land wealth – they take the wealth we all (including the poorest) create.

Land speculators in the UK are being joined by overseas land speculators who are only interested in taking land wealth that is created by all of us through public and private investments that we all pay for, as tax payers and as consumers. These speculators hoard land for their own greedy purpose – not to see it used efficiently and fairly to provide really affordable homes etc. They simply do nothing but they sit back waiting for the value of their sites to increase and then harvest it.

There are three factors of production – labour, capital and land (including all natural resources) but land owners, over generations, have conned governments into shifting taxes on to wages and production and off the unearned wealth they take as theirs.

When the Labour Party understands how the UK economy works and realises that we need to abolish current inefficient and damaging property taxes and shift taxes off wages production and on to the unearned incomes land owners take, not only will the housing problem be resolved but poverty will disappear and our land will become affordable for homes and jobs and public services and not be used by land speculators.

See for more information or contact me at
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Rogue landlords and agencies in the private sector are a real problem. In my last private rented house share the landlady asked to be paid in cash and when I insisted on paying by cheque instead she waited several weeks to cash them together. Other tenants in the house had no contract and had agreed to pay her in cash. I’m convinced she was evading tax.

There was a problem with mice in the property and rather than deal with the cause of the problem she decided to lay those outdated ‘sticky traps’ which meant I kept finding live mice in the kitchen, chewing their own legs off.

This is just one example of a bad landlord I have had. Years ago when I was at university I had to leave one house after the landlord started to behave in an intimidating way towards me. He tried to deduct the cost of a plastic chopping board from my deposit! I later learned that the house was not his but his parents and he had not been paying the mortgage so they initiated eviction procedures!

I am fortunate to have found a small affordable rent housing association flat and consider myself very lucky to have found it. Even so, the rent was still around half my most recent salary as an entry level civil servant.
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I am a social worker with families of sick and disabled children. The lack of social housing and private landlords willing to rent to those on housing benefit means families are having to be rehoused away from the services on which they depend. Many of the families I work with have only one and sometimes no parent able to work because of the care needs of their child. This group of people are very dependent on social housing which has been neglected over many years. So called ‘affordable housing’ is often way beyond their reach. Empty homes need to be brought into service. I would strongly support the idea of increasing council tax on those properties. An estate agent commented in connection with the Guardian article on empty properties in the Bishops Avenue (near my home) that an increase would be ‘an annoyance that would make buyers choose Monte Carlo or Milan instead of London’. I find this a morally repugnant stance – homes should be bought by people who intend to live in them or rent them to others, not as investments to sit empty. Let them go where they like – we need to re establish some values in this country.
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The Tories Housing crisis affects us all and we need to speak up as a team, that we are living in the 21st Century.

Some houses are downsized and look like little stores rooms reminding us of the industrial revolution There were few building regulations then and those that did exist were frequently ignored. Builders had a freehand to build as they wished. Profit became the main motivator for builders. They knew that those coming to the cities needed a job and somewhere to live. Therefore, a house was put up quickly and cheaply – and as many were built as was possible.

The Labour Party has a great vision for housing where houses are built to accommodate more families with a vision of regeneration and sustainability.

The set up now separates families and attracts all sorts of crime and the like.

Britain is a ‘globalized society’ and London is the world’s most visited city.
A Global society where housing conditions can’t compete internationally are expensive with a ‘Bedroom Tax’ gimmick!!!
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The government halved my Housing Benefit in May 2012. Now I have to spend my whole Employment and Support Allowance of £90 per week on the rest of my rent. I have to use my savings to pay for everything else. When my savings run out, I will have to die.
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We’re a family lucky enough to have got a shared ownership (key-worker) flat in London 10 years ago thanks to the Labour government’s investment. It is too small for the 4 of us but there is no hope of us ever being able to afford to move into a London house while our 2 boys grow up (renting or buying) and no key-workers coming up would be able to afford to buy our share now either – it would have to go to somebody with a huge salary and deposit. If we want more space we could move up north but our children are Londoners and work would be harder to find.
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After tax over half of my salary is going to pay my rent.
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Sign Labour's petition to tackle the Tory housing crisis. #ToryHousingCrisis
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I and many others have to pay high rents for sub standard accommodation, they only build expensive properties all over the place for the better off and many are snapped up by big landlords , it is impossible to get a local authority dwelling these days and there are so few of them at that. Working class people like me in London are at the mercy of |Rackmanite landlords.

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