Tory Housing Crisis

LHC_leaflet_front.jpgThe Tories are out of touch, and you're out of pocket.

The Tories have caused a housing crisis in London.

  • House building is at the lowest level since 1924

  • London rents are rising at 10% a year

  • Home ownership in London is falling

  • The average age of a first time buyer is now 38

  • The average London rent is now more than half of the average London income

  • More than 55,000 Londoners have been hit by the Bedroom Tax

  • The Tory Mayor of London is missing his own targets for building new affordable homes

Tackling the housing crisis is Labour’s number one priority in London

 Labour councils will tackle London’s housing crisis

  • Build more genuinely affordable homes
  • Tackle rogue landlords and rip-off letting agencies
  • Build more homes for London’s growing population
  • Bring empty homes back into use
  • Create jobs and apprenticeships in the building industry
  • Labour will repeal the Bedroom Tax 

UPDATE: Labour will make renting more affordable and secure

Ed Miliband has launched Labour’s plan to make renting more affordable and secure. We will change the law to ban letting agencies from charging tenants fees of up to £500 and make renting more secure and affordable.

Tenants will be allowed to stay in their homes for up to three years if they choose to and we will cap the amount rents can increase by over this period. Our plans will make life easier for the millions of Londoners who rent – you can read more about it here

Sadiq Khan, Labour’s Shadow London Minister, said:

The housing crisis is the biggest challenge facing London today. Home ownership is out of reach for all but the very wealthiest, rents are rising fast and overcrowding is getting worse. London desperately needs more homes. Labour will tackle the London Housing Crisis in Westminster and in Town Halls in London. We will build more affordable homes, tackle rogue landlords and create jobs in the construction industry. Londoners who want to tackle the London Housing Crisis should vote for a Labour Councils at the local elections in May.

Sign our petition and support our campaign:

"The Tories remain out of touch and are leaving Londoners out of pocket, I support Labour’s action to tackle London’s housing crisis."

Will you join our housing campaign?

The Labour Party and its elected representatives may contact you using the information you supply.


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Sign Labour's petition to tackle the #ToryHousingCrisis in London.
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Sign Labour's petition to tackle the #ToryHousingCrisis in London.
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Sign Labour's petition to tackle the #ToryHousingCrisis in London.
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I will never be able to buy a property in London. I work hard, earn a decent wage (much more than my northern counterparts) and have a promotion on the horizon. I dont even live alone I live with my partner who earns more than me. Yet the only property we can afford to buy is some rotten studio flat you can’t swing a cat in, and don’t get me started on what would need to be done to the kitchen and bathroom. So instead I pay £1419 a month for a one bedroom flat with a kitchen you can’t fit two people into. This is three times the rent my sister pays for a two bedroom HOUSE in Hale in Manchester. Supposedly an expensive area reserved for fottballers. yeah right, London prices swamp those.
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Sign Labour's petition to tackle the Tory housing crisis. #ToryHousingCrisis
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I myself have been saving for a deposit for a total of six and a half years. Less than a year ago my salary was sufficient for me to get a mortgage on a one bed flat in many of the cheaper areas of South East and East London. I decided to keep my head down and save for one more year to bring my deposit up to 15-20%. In that time house prices have absolutely spiralled in the capital. I have my deposit saved from hard work and dedication but the rising prices mean I will now need to save even more and also find a new job that pays me significantly more in order to get a mortgage big enough for a flat in any area of London. I’m 33 years old. I rent in a house share and looking at the current state of the market I expect I will probably have to rent in cramped and expensive accommodation for a number of years longer. If the prices continue to go up I may never be able to buy. Frankly I think the housing situation for a large proportion of young people living in London is terrible. The tory’s have done a terrible job and I think they are not interested in making the tough decisions that need to be made to solve this city’s housing crisis. I will firmly support labour in the next general election. My opinions:

• Help to buy has significantly increased demand without increasing supply. This has resulted in a huge number of potential buyers for every home that comes on the market, allowing estate agents to push asking prices higher and higher. Although help to buy may be helping the property market in the rest of the country (which I do support) it should be abandoned in London, or a huge number of homes should be built in London to fulfil the demand it is creating.

• Too many luxury homes are built (directly aimed at the foreign market) when the focus should be homes for people who need a place to live and work.

• Foreign buyers should be curbed. They have much deeper pockets than we do. Even if we are offered the chance to buy flats before foreigners it will still not be enough if the majority of flats being built are only affordable to much richer foreign investors.
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My local council are leasing private property’s and letting to waiting list applicants but this is costing on average £500.00 per month extra in hsg benefits compared to social hsg rents but no chance of moving as council properties are rarely available
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I am lucky, a pensioner with an adequate income but I remember very well the same scandals in post war years relieved when the Labour Government introduced Rent control with fair rent assessments for private rentals., and an effective council house building programme and it was successful. Now the Tories have removed all effective controls and added aggravations such as the bedroom tax and the cutting of Council grants.
signed 2014-02-06 11:17:28 +0000
Estate agents in our area now take sealed bids for rented accommodation. How can low income households live in London?
signed 2014-02-06 10:14:36 +0000
The conditions in which many vulnerable private renters are forced to live would have shocked Charles Dickens were he alive today
signed 2014-02-06 09:41:34 +0000
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No mention of capping rents? And BTL and huge rises in the cost of housing happened under 13 years of Labour. If you get in are you just going to continue this massive ponzi scheme (sure most Labour MP’s are also landlords) or actually introduce something that will work, like Land Value Tax?
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I’m joining as I’m having to cover sky-rocketing rent on a graduate salary, whilst my landlord sells my home off from under me. Also I know that buying a house is merely a pipe-dream for anyone my age that doesn’t want to be a lawyer or banker.

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