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UPDATE: Sadiq Khan was selected as Labour's Candidate for Mayor of London.

Check out his campaign website here:


Meet the Labour candidates for Mayor of London and read why they think they should be elected


Diane Abbott

This new Tory Government will be bad for the country and very bad for Londoners. The public sector is the biggest employer in London. So further cuts in public services and the big cuts in local authority funding will not just decimate services, but also the jobs of ordinary Londoners. The £12 billion of new welfare cuts will impact London particularly hard and contribute to the social cleansing of our city.

So now, more than ever, London needs a Mayor who will speak up for London. Our local authorities have already had to make painful cuts. They need a Mayor who will work alongside them leading the fight against austerity.

Londoners need a Mayor who will tackle London’s housing crisis. We need action on non-dom buyers purchasing properties off plan as an investment opportunity and driving up house prices and rents. The Mayor must fight for more houses to be built and insist on 50% "affordable" housing from developers, where the rent is genuinely affordable. But also we need a Mayor who champions public housing and will establish an agency that builds homes. The Mayor should campaign for rent controls.

London’s Mayor should also use their procurement powers to insist on a London Living Wage.

The Mayor must work for a cleaner, greener London and take the lead in combatting climate change.

Londoners need a strong campaigning Mayor in City Hall who will stand up against the Tories and will be part of Labour’s fight back against this Tory government



Tessa Jowell

The question for this selection is simple- who can deliver the change that London needs.

Who has a plan, who can win next year, and who can deliver?

London is a great city but it should be better.

I love its vibrancy, its diversity and its ambition - but I hate the inequality. Not just inequality of wealth but inequality of opportunity too.

My vision is One London where everyone shares in our city’s success – inner city and outer suburbs, young and old; low and middle income as well as the better off, where Londoners have a quality of life to rival anywhere in the world; no Londoner is left behind and we are utterly intolerant of poverty, injustice, and hopelessness.

That means building the homes we need, affordable transport Londoners can rely on, and unleashing London’s full potential through opportunity for all.

But we can only do that if we win - and we will win with an open and inclusive campaign to match our city.

I believe I can win, and I promise you I will deliver.

I delivered Sure Start and helped London win the Olympics and deliver the best Games the world has ever seen.

But I didn’t do any of it on my own. Working with people, winning them round, sharing their goals – that’s how we did it and that’s how I want to run London.

I want to do this with you – together we can deliver the change that London needs.



Keran Kerai

We need to make the city think that they can achieve in getting housing. Building homes will change some of that by helping the supply and we can also create social housing to give people a place to have shelter. Homelessness need to be solved. Polices times can be improved. Waiting in need needs to be improved by the NHS.

We need to build better backbone to the city. Transport need to be upgraded. We need to look to convert the city to the future by investing in green tech. We need to spread the wealth of the city by linking it to UK and foreign cities.

My past in mathematics has given me the logical step towards building a better London. I how to use data to predict treads and how best to serve those options. I have lived in London and know the big problems we face in housing and transport. The way I lay out way to do it by creating a system of learning and adapting to change in the future of the nation.

We need to build a legacy for Londoners to have a dream to feel that London is their home and that the future is brighter than ever. Investing in trade links will help to create wealth for London as well, using it to help Londoners with their problems. Policing and health care is one of the things people want improvement in.



Sadiq Khan

London is a city of hope for many, but Londoners old and new find that hope difficult to realise. Today, many struggle just to stand still as inequality and instability make our city harder to thrive in. The change London needs is one where we actively support all Londoners to fulfill their ambitions.

My story is the story of the best of London. But it’s harder now – even than when I was growing up in Thatcher’s Britain – for a bus driver’s son or daughter to be confident they could take a path like mine. With a Tory government more right wing than anything since the 1980s, London, its residents, workers and entrepreneurs need protection from the Tories’ extreme policies. Without security, opportunity withers.

I have run my own business, and as a lawyer I chose not to go into the city, but to fight for justice for ordinary people mistreated by the employers or by the state. As a minister I strengthened public services, and helped deliver Crossrail. Action on homes, skills, growth, infrastructure and planning for the future are essential for all Londoners.

The role of Mayor isn’t a ceremonial one: it needs someone who will roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. That’s how we offer a deal for London, that rewards effort and responsibility, protects freedoms and provides safety, and enables all Londoners to benefit from a good life, in a strong community built on our shared values.



David Lammy 

I’ve seen London from all angles - from the concrete towers of the Broadwater Farm estate in Tottenham to the corridors of Westminster.

The challenges Londoners are facing are the same as those my mum faced when my dad walked out on the family and left her to bring up her five children alone. Now, my wife and I are raising our three kids – one adopted – to be best they can be.

London has given me all I have – going to Harvard, becoming a barrister and later a government minister. But I’m running for Mayor because for many Londoners those kind of opportunities have disappeared.

For too long politics has reached for off-the-shelf solutions to problems that require bolder thinking. Tory austerity has left thousands of Londoners trapped in low-paid work, unable to buy a home and build a career, too worried about the cost of childcare to enjoy the fantastic culture on their doorstep.

I’ll ramp up house-building and issue London Housing Bonds to build 30,000 new social homes instead of the pitiful 40 council homes built last year. I’ll make travel free for the night workers who keep our city safe and clean, bring back Night Schools and take big steps towards making childcare genuinely free for every London pre-school child.

London is the youngest city in the country and half its population is from a BAME background. Let’s unite this city. We need new leadership for a new London. With your support, that’s what I’ll bring.



Neeraj Patil

 I have lived, raised a family and worked in London for the last 20 years.

Working as Doctor & Consultant in A&E in 40 different hospitals over the last 20 years I have interacted with all sections of society and have gained enormous experience of how life operates in London.

Labour party has given me the privilege of serving as a Councillor in Lambeth for eight years including as Mayor of Lambeth in 2010.

The main issue facing Londoners are the cost of living crisis- a lack of affordable housing, low wages, crime-fear of crime, rising cost of energy-bills, lack of child-care, waste management and environment, road safety and better public transport.

Be it getting on a housing ladder, finding a good school, challenging a parking ticket, or being victim of crime, I have gone through all this. I understand how hard it is to live and work in London.

The savage cuts introduced by Conservatives have had a deep negative impact on residents, charities, and voluntary organisations and have made life so hard for the majority of Londoners.

As a Labour Party we must aspire to frame policies that focus on economic growth and job-creation and ensure that the yield of this economic growth reaches out to many and not few - unlike the Tories.

We can win the next election if we focus on economic prosperity of London by engaging the private and voluntary sector and addressing once and for all the cost of living crisis facing London.



Gareth Thomas 

As Labour’s Mayoral candidate I would fight for devolution of power to London and Londoners.

I believe we now have a union of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the city state of London and it’s time that was recognized.

London is the centre of British wealth creation, which is rightly redistributed across the UK. But Londoners deserve more in return.

We deserve a better quality of life. London creates the wealth but Londoners face the highest costs of living, the highest rents, and our public transport system needs significant investment.

That is why I want London to have control of our own minimum wage so that we can bring it up to the living wage Londoners need.

That is why I want London to have control over fair rents and to invest in improving our transport system.

We need a more co-operative approach to London’s challenges which genuinely involves rich and poor alike in finding solutions to our issues.

We need to have more control over our own wealth to deal with London’s housing crisis and to tackle the challenges our public services face.

We need to be the city of enterprise which encourages business. But we need more powers so that the wealth that is created is spent on making London better for Londoners.

That is why I want to be Mayor of London – so that Londoners get their fair share of London’s success.



Christian Wolmar

Affordable, liveable and sustainable – the London we need

Three years ago, I decided to stand for Mayor because I was frustrated by the 2012 election contest, which lacked new ideas. I decided to seek out the grassroots of the Labour party to find out what they wanted for London and to put forward my vision for the city. I have cycled over 2,000 miles and spoken at nearly 100 meetings, and I am proud that the efforts of my team have been recognised by The Guardian as ‘the most extensive grassroots political campaign the capital has seen in recent times’. As part of this remarkable journey, I have built up an incredible team to support my bid, mostly the sort of young people which Labour needs to attract.

I have never been an MP but I’ve been campaigning on transport, the Mayor's core responsibility, for the past 20 years. I realise we must move away from our dependence on the car to reduce congestion, make roads safer for cycling and walking, and improve air quality – London’s silent killer.

Housing is the most urgent issue facing London and to deliver more genuinely affordable homes I would create a London Housing Development Agency to coordinate a major building programme. Underpinning all my policies – whether pedestrianising Oxford Street or creating a one-hour bus ticket – is the need to make London more affordable, liveable and sustainable. Labour needs something different. Support me in the primary. It’s the brave choice and the right one.

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commented 2015-08-12 15:37:23 +0100
There is no mention of Housing Co-operatives anywhere in these manifestos. These social housing providers have been forgotten and overshadowed by money-grabbing Housing Associations; they were the brain child of the Wilson government and, as community-based organisations, offer solutions to lack of social housing and social infrastructure.

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